Water Removal and Water Damage Restoration

First thing first, call Cooper at 309.444.4144 for a immediate consultation with a Certified Technician.

If your home or business is flooded or has any type of water damage, Cooper Restoration is here to help.  Whether it’s water removal & dry out assistance or sewage clean-up, our team of experts is available 42/7.  We are IICRC certified to give you the highest quality water damage help.

Don’t wait to call and discuss your water situation, if you have water damage it is imperative to remove all standing water and affected building materials immediately.

  • Within minutes, surfaces that are moisture sensitive will swell and start to permanently disfigure. Paper goods are ruined and furniture stains appear on carpeting which may not be removable.
  • Within hours, wet drywall softens and warps, wooden furniture discolor and can be forever damaged.  Carpet delamentation occurs and can be ruined permanently.
  • Within the first day, harmful fungi and bacteria begin to grow and spread. Unpleasant odors will begin to fill the damaged areas.  If you can smell it, its wet.


  • Water Removal

    Water Removal.

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    Fire Damage

  • Storm Damage

    Storm Damage

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    Mold Remediation