Storm Damage Remediation & Restoration

Floods are ruthless…but they are no match for Cooper Construction and Restoration Inc.

Storm damage comes in varying degrees but no matter how minor it may seem immediately following this act of nature, the damage can be ongoing and not realized for weeks or months to come. Many people don’t realize that there are various types of water damage that can occur depending on the source of the flood damage.

In the case of storm damage you are usually dealing with grey water which can turn to black water. Grey water is water residue that may be minimally contaminated. In the case where this is as a result of a storm the contamination could be by way of debris that have been washed into your home environment during the storm. If this is not attended to quickly it can turn to black water, which is often highly contaminated not only with debris but dangerous bacteria. The reference to grey and black does not refer to the color of the water, but rather the rating or condition.

It is important to also realize that there are various stages of water damage that can occur as a result of storm damage and these stages are time sensitive. There is the immediate stage which consists of whatever items comes in first contact with the storm water. The next stage is the indirect contact which are those items that were not directly exposed to the storm water, but the trail of excess water has led to them. Then finally the water residue that is not removed properly with storm clean up procedures. This is the water that can quickly lead to mold and mildew problems.

Here at Cooper Construction and Restoration Inc. we are well trained in recognizing not only the various types of water, but also the levels of damage. Our team of water remediation specialists will make their first priority the removal of the storm damage water and residue. Once satisfied that all water has been extracted then our storm restoration experts will begin their task of restoring your home back to its pre storm state.

The Cooper Construction and Restoration Inc. network of professionals will determine what areas of storm remediation and restoration expertise is required. The experts that are certified and trained to deal with these areas will be assigned to helping you get your home and life back to its pre-storm state once again.

It begins with…

An assessment of the actual water and structural damage that has occurred as a result of the storm.

Personal belongings and household items are itemized and separated into unsalvageable for safe disposal, and uncompromised belongings are removed for safe storage to a secure facility if necessary. Storm damage remediation is started for damaged but restoreable items.

Undamaged areas are contained and protected from compromised structure damage and water seepage.

Water extraction is immediately implemented.

Each of these steps are carried out by experts who specialize in each of these areas of storm remediation.

Cooper Construction and Restoration Inc. in the meantime are preparing for the storm restoration of the damaged structural components of the interior and exterior.

The entire team that carries out your storm remediation and restoration work together as one unit to help you get your life and home back in order.




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