Smoke Damage Restoration

Why You Don’t Want to Deal With Smoke Damage

There are times when there is less structural damage from a fire tragedy and more smoke damage. For the individuals who has suffered this mishap they may be under the misconception that they can repair the structural damage themselves hoping to keep their fire restoration costs down. What gets neglected here is the smoke damage that has permeated throughout the house embedding walls, floors,ceilings and furniture. Attempts are made to mask the residue odors, and unfortunately that is all these kinds of home fire and smoke remediation efforts mask the odor.

The smoke that remains undetected can remain for weeks and months, and you are being exposed to breathing this in which could potentially create a whole gambit of health problems. This is particularly true if your home has young children, the elderly and even pets, as these groups may be more susceptible. The smoke residue from the fire tragedy could exacerbate present health conditions such as asthma, or allergies perhaps.

The solution is to call us here at Cooper Construction and Restoration Inc. immediately after your first response fire team has finished their job. We will arrive on scene within the hour and provide you with a no obligation consultation. Our experts will assess not only the smoke damage situation but will advise you as  what you are up against in respect to fire remediation and water damage restoration.

You will in no way be pressured to make use of our fire restoration services, and if you wish to only use our smoke removal services, that is fine by us. We want to help in any way we can. You are in a devastating situation at the moment and it is hard for you to think clearly. We understand this and do not use this to our advantage to try and entice you into fire and smoke remediation services.

What we do is give you detailed information as to the fire aftermath situation you are in so you can make some informed decisions.  As a complimentary service we will also provide you with a structure restoration quote, so you have something to compare your costs against should you decide to do this on your own.

The important thing for you to know as soon as possible is that Cooper Construction and Restoration Inc. is there for you to help you through this tragedy, and you are not alone.

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