Peoria Sewage Back Up & Burst Pipes Clean Up and Restoration

As if there isn’t enough to worry about when it comes to disasters such as fire or storm damage, there is the ongoing responsibility to remain vigilant against sewage back up, burst pipes or even minor water damage. These are all potentially serious situations that can lead to water damage devastation.

To the unsuspecting home or business owner when water damage occurs it is easily assumed that all water is the same and creates the same destruction. This is only partly true. Perhaps though, the most perilous water damage of all comes from sewage backup.

If you have been hit with water damage then you are dealing with one of three types of water.

Water condition #1:

Clean water:

This type of water condition occurs from a roof leakage or perhaps a clean water supply burst pipe, or even some appliance leakage such as your refrigerator,dish washer or air conditioner. Although considered clean and not in the same category as sewage backup, and poses the least amount of health hazards in its initial state, it still has the ability to destroy your personal and home belongings and produce severe structural damage.

Water Condition #2:

Grey water:

This is the type of water that will have some minor contamination and is as result of an overflow from your washing machine, storm water, or toilet overflow in some cases. It is considered used water. In respect to storm water it is often considered as grey water because of the debris that it carries. This type of water could pose some health risks although to a lesser degree than sewage water. It can turn to black water quickly, and like any water damage requires immediate attention.

Water Condition #3:

Black water:

Sewage backup is comprised of black water and poses the greatest health risk and demands the need for expert sewage backup remediation and restoration. This type of water contains many contaminants ranging from microbes,debris,and chemicals.

The terminology of the colors does not necessarily mean its the actual color of the water,but refers to the condition or status of the water. The untrained individual does not have the expertise to truly determine the status of the water that has created the water damage ,and this where the experts from the network of Cooper Construction and Restoration Inc. are greatly needed.

Cooper Construction and Restoration Inc. are Sewage Backup and Burst Pipe Specialists

No doubt when you are faced with the carnage of sewage backup you are going to be distressed by the many segments of damage that quickly occurs. There is the odor and sewage water cleanup that needs to be attended to immediately. Then the repair of the cause of the sewer backup and finally the restoration.

You will quickly realize that this is beyond your scope of cleanup, but you will have no further worries once you place your sewage backup or burst pipe, or other water damage problem in our hands here at Cooper Construction and Restoration Inc.






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