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When it comes to renovating your basement we here at Cooper Construction and Renovations Inc. are able to meet your needs and fulfill your dreams while still leaving money in your pocketbook.


There is no reason why you can’t be enjoying all the space in your residence such as a fully renovated basement, once you let Cooper Construction and Renovations Inc. perform our services.


Just imagine having all the extra comfort and pleasure that a fully completed
basement such as this could bring to you. Let us here at Cooper Construction and
Renovations Inc. make this a reality for you.


Making the decision to have your basement renovated and can dramatically increase
the value of your home, while giving you many years of additional and functional
living space to enjoy.


Having a room addition is more affordable than you think. Especially when
you take advantage of our great prices and amazing designs.


There is only one thing better than making the decision to go for an addition,
and that’s including a fireplace in your plans. Let us show you some of our
amazing designs to help you with your choice.


When it comes to that new home that you have been wanting, Cooper
Construction and Renovation Inc. is the company that you can rely on
to provide you with a home that will be built for a lifetime.

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