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Mold and Mildew …the hidden dangers of a fire, flood or water disaster

Although when one thinks of a water disaster most often it is related to a fire disaster or storm disaster. There is another form of water disaster that can strike as well and that’s from a burst pipe in your home or some other form of water leakage. It doesn’t always have to be a major occurrence, and water damage can be going on without your realizing it. Any type of water damage creates a big risk for mold and mildew. These are spores that can create severe damage to the structure of your home and create a hazard to your health.

Mold is part of life and it exists everywhere, but it belongs outdoors and not in our homes. Water residue that is left from a fire or flood disaster provides the perfect breeding ground for mold to proliferate. This is why it is so critically important to have fire and flood restoration started immediately.

The removal of mold requires experts that are well trained in the techniques and procedures that this problem requires. If you attempt to remove mold yourself then you run a high risk of affecting your personal health by possibly inhaling the spores, or even transferring the mold to other areas of your home by way of contaminated clothing.

Common household items like disinfectants, or painting over surfaces that are mold contaminated will not rectify the problem. Mold remediation requires professionals who have specifically trained and certified for mold remediation.

Here at Cooper Construction and Restoration Inc. we work with a network of professionals that each have their own area of expertise when it comes to fire, flood and mold remediation. Our experts are highly trained and certified in all aspects of mold containment and removal. They will begin the mold remediation procedure by…

Assessing the type of mold they will be dealing with.

Containment of the area to ensure the safety of you and your family, and the integrity of your home.

Non salvageable materials will be safely removed and disposed of according to government regulations.

Salvageable items with then be disinfected and restored back to their pre-mold condition.

Our Cooper Construction and Restoration Inc. team will then begin the reconstruction and mold restoration procedures to replace the irreparable structures that had to be removed.

As you can see once we take over your mold situation you have the best there is at mold remediation and mold restoration working for you. You no longer have to be concerned about the potential health hazards that your family has been exposed to. You can go back to enjoying a healthy and beautiful environment once again.

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