List of Do’s and Don’ts while waiting for Cooper Construction and Restoration Inc.

It can be over whelming when you are faced with a flood or fire emergency as to know what you should do next after the first responders have defused the situation. You are now faced with the task of getting your life back in order. Making your next move to call us at Cooper Construction and Restoration Inc. will start you on that journey. Here is a list of Dos and Do Not’s to help you while you are waiting for our arrival to take over your emergency situation.



Call us immediately. Don’t wait until the emergency has passed.

Unplug all electrical units. If necessary turn off electrical, gas and water supplies.

Stay away from the contaminated areas.

Prop open fridge door.

Discard all foods including canned foods that were affected by the emergency.

Open drawers and cupboard doors.

If it appears you will not be able to stay on the premises, gather some immediate belongings and your valuables.


Do Nots:

Do not enter the premises until you have been given permission by the responding authorities

Do not leave the area unattended until we arrive to perform the board up services.

Do not try removing debris or cleaning contaminated areas on your own.

Do not allow youngsters, animals, individuals with poor health, or the elderly back into the home while there is still smoke and soot present.



  • Water Removal

    Water Removal.

  • Fire Damage

    Fire Damage

  • Storm Damage

    Storm Damage

  • Mold Remediation

    Mold Remediation