Smoke and Odor Removal and Fire Damage Restoration

When fire strikes where do you turn for your Smoke and Odor Removal and Fire Damage Restoration help?

The gambit of emotions that follow the aftermath of a fire are as searing as the fire itself. Of course when fire disaster strikes the first priority is to get the family to safety and get the first emergency responders there as quickly as possible. Often its not until the sight of the smoldering wood and your belongings, that the true reality of what has just happened begins to sink in. Although the danger of the fire is past there is a lot of hardship that lies ahead of you and you now need the second team of responders to rely on. This is us here at Cooper Construction and Restoration Inc..

The integrity and safety of the structure now becomes the big concern as does the water damage that will result from extinguishing the fire. At this moment all may seem lost and hopeless but don’t let that thought enter your mind yet. You will be pleasantly surprised when you discover what our team of fire restoration experts are able to accomplish in very little time.

Do not enter the dwelling unless you have been given clearance from the emergency responders. Call us immediately and we will be there within the hour to take control and begin the fire remediation and fire restoration services required.

Upon our arrival we will….

Assess and advise…

Ensure that your premises are safe for entry and do a fire and water damage assessment. We will give you a quote as to what you are looking at for us to put your home back to its pre-fire condition. You will know the full extent of fire restoration that will be required and the degree of water damage that requires remediation.

Contain the damaged area…

We will set up our professional state of the art equipment to reduce the smoke in the untouched areas of your home.

Coordinate the Expertise needed to get your life back in order….

We will then bring in the various teams  that are required from our network of fire and water restoration specialists. These will be comprised of…

Property containment specialists who will itemize all your precious belongings, carefully package them and remove them to their facility for restoration and safe storage.

Furniture and carpet experts will arrive upon the scene to remove these items to their facilities where once again they will go through a water extraction process, smoke removal and then remediation.

While these elite teams are going about their specialty areas of fire restoration, our team from Cooper Construction and Restoration Inc. will have already begun the demolition and removal of unsalvageable structure material in preparation for the rebuilding of the affected area. This will include not only the replacement and rebuilding of the area, but the carpentry, painting and finishing off in both the interior and exterior damaged areas.

The moment that we arrive on the scene of your fire disaster you can begin to put this terribly unfortunate incident behind you. We will take control from this point on, and you can take the time you need to console your family and help them heal mentally and emotionally, while we put your home back to its pre-fire state again.


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