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The interior of your home is not the only part that demands updates and renovations as the exterior is just as important. Most homeowners take great pride in their homes both inside and out. It can be a little over whelming trying to decide what would be the best exterior home improvements that would not only add to the pleasure of your outdoor living space but also increase the value of your home. Our exterior experts here at Cooper Construction and Restoration Inc. are known to be the best in the business when it comes to planning the outdoor architecture for family living.

Think About the Needed Repairs First:

Planning for outdoor renovations and upgrades is something that can be done when the timing is right and the budget allows for it. When it comes to exterior repairs though these must be considered a priority. Small repairs jobs that are left unattended to can often lead to major costs and inconveniences. It is wise to do an exterior inspection of your home and tend to these matters first. Necessities such as roof repairs and replacements, eavestroughing and gutter cleaning are something that should be attended to first before contemplating the aesthetic features of your home.We would be most pleased to conduct an assessment of your repair needs and give you a reliable quote as to what it would take to protect your home from major repair costs in the future.

Consider Your Home Exterior Needs For Efficiency and Cost Savings:

Upgrades such as new windows and siding can go a long way in not only enhancing the look of your home but in being energy efficient. The money you spend now on these upgrades will certainly be returned in the savings you will experience by reducing your heating costs in the winter and your cooling efforts in the summer. Another consideration is storm proofing your home. There is no doubt that there has been some drastic changes in weather patterns throughout all of the states. When considering home improvements being storm ready is now something that has to be given thought to. We can help you determine how your home would weather severe weather and make recommendations as to what preventative steps could be taken to lessen potential damage.


Exterior Enhancements:

Planning the exterior ambience of your home should be as exciting as what takes place for your interior designing. Many home owners are now focusing on extending their indoors living space to the outdoors. Here at Cooper Construction and Restoration Inc. we take great pleasure in assisting our customers with their exterior design decisions. We have the capability of providing you with outdoor alternatives that will easily fit within your budget range.

Some of the upgrade areas you may want to consider are….

a new patio

decking and fencing


No matter what your exterior home improvement needs are Cooper Construction and Restoration Inc. is here to be of service. Our prices are affordable and we know that in a tough economy its difficult to budget for needed repairs and upgrades. Let us provide you with a no obligation quote so you are in a position to make some informed decisions.



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