About Us

The first thing you are going to discover about Cooper Construction and Restoration Inc. is that we are different, but first allow us to tell you a little about ourselves.

We are a team of experts that specialize in the home and business construction industry, as well as the area of remediation and restoration following a fire, flood or water disaster. We take great pride in serving the residents of central Illinois focusing on the areas of Peoria-Bloomington. With the combined years of education and expertise of our team and specialized network of professionals we have been part of these industries for many years.

Our commitment to the public that we serve consists of….


We believe in strong morals with a foundation of being honest and forthcoming from the very first contact we have with our clients. This starts with the first  call for help up to the total completion and follow up of our services.

Superior Workmanship:

It is not enough to put a home or business back to its pre-disaster condition, or complete a home improvement. We believe that these assignments have to be accomplished with impeccable workmanship. In order to achieve this we only utilize the services of experienced artisans within their respective fields.

Fair Pricing:

We believe that families that have been devastated with a fire, flood or water damage mishap have experienced enough pain and trauma, without being burdened even more with horrendous remediation and restoration costs. It doesn’t matter whether there is full, partial or non existent insurance coverage. We maintain the policy of fair pricing no matter how small or large a service requirement may be.

Family Value Customer Service:

The entire team at Cooper Construction and Restoration Inc. know the true value of the family entity. We conduct ourselves in a respectful manner both in appearance and actions during the entire time our services are being rendered. We believe in good old customer service, and make it a priority to keep our clients involved throughout the entire service process we are offering, whether it be for restoration & remediation or home improvements.

What Makes Us Different?

Everything that we have covered up to here is no more than what you would or should expect from a Company such as ours. As a consumer you have the right to the commitments that we honor. We believe in going above and beyond this.

Fire and Water Disaster Remediation and Restoration:

Many people don’t realize that when a fire disaster or flood and water disaster occurs that there are two major phases to restoring the home or business back to its pre-disaster condition.

Phase one is the remediation. This is where a team of experts have to address the causes of the disaster and remove the damage. This requires specialized and certified expertise. At Cooper Construction and Restoration Inc. we recognize the need for specialists in the various remediation processes. These are experts who focus on…

furniture and personal belonging remediation and restoration

Carpet remediation and restoration

Mold and mildew remediation and restoration

Rather than have individuals who work on many of these different areas we have chosen to compose a network of specialists who focus on each specific area of expertise. Our role in these areas is to make sure that you are getting the best there is for each of these segments of your disaster remediation and restoration. This means for example, the experts that are restoring your precious carpets are not working on your furniture restoration. This area demands a totally separate area of expertise.

When you call us in to take control of your fire or flood or water damage disaster you are placing your entire devastation in our hands. You don’t need to worry about any of the carnage that has been created. We choose the right experts from our network and we oversee each individual task from start to finish. You only have to correspond with the one Cooper Construction and Restoration Inc. representative that will be assigned to you. Your rep will keep you up to date with the entire remediation and restoration process.

Phase two is the restoration: Here is where the team of Cooper Construction and Restoration Inc. builders, carpenters and fine finishers go to work at rebuilding the structural damage that has been created by your disaster. Again you are receiving the expertise of the professionals who specialize specifically in these areas of reconstruction needs and are not considered general construction labor services.

You will only be presented with one Cooper Construction and Restoration Inc Invoice which will include all of the services provided. If you need assistance with your paper work for your Insurance Company our administrative department will be more than happy to help.

Remember! Cooper Construction and Restoration Inc. is only a phone call away should fire, flood or water disaster strike you. Plus our home repair and renovation services could very well help you avoid these types of disasters. Please give us a call so we can discuss how we can be of service, before….during….or after…. your home or business construction and restoration needs throughout the central Illinois area.


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    Water Removal.

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